What to Pack in Your Personal Bag

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I hate packing, as simple as that because I need to fit everything I need into a suitcase and personal bag. The struggle is that I never know what I’ll need for a three to eight-hour flight and what I can stow away. Do I need my camera, my eyeliner, what will I need during that period when I can barely feel my legs? This is the list for you if it takes you an hour just pulling your things together before packing. To me, these are the necessities, but they’re different for everyone so adapt as need be!

I feel that my personal bag gets organized into three categories: electronics, sleep, and the essentials. This is a way that makes it easier for me to make sure my bag is packed correctly and I’m not forgetting anything important.

I decided to make this into an easy photo that you can print out or save to your phone so you can have this information conveniently at your fingertips while putting your bag together. I ask if you save it to please let me know how it helped you!

Want to Download instead? Click this link: WatchMeGo_PackingList

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