Two Items I Will Not Travel Without

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Travel is scary, adventurous, and so many other things combined. The more I travel the less I find I need in material items. The first solo trip I took I had an entire suitcase, when I went to Ireland, I made the entire trip with my 45L, then in Spain for 3 months I kept the same bag, but when I went, I made it down to a 30L. Minimalism is a goal of mine, and while this isn’t about my travel luggage I want to talk about two items I never travel without!

Travel Scarf/Wrap with Rfid Blocking Travel Pocket

I love the simplicity of this scarf, with being a gray color I find it’s versatile for almost all my travel outfits. Plus, as someone who doesn’t always like to wear a purse, I find it is convenient for carrying all my items.

It can be used as a blanket on flights, a scarf for days out, or a wrap for a night out. I’ve used it for all my trips in the past year and it’s definitely worth every penny. Throughout my travels, I find that this scarf is lightweight and works great with all my outfits!

Canvas Messenger Bag

I don’t like carrying a purse, but when I do I want it to be able to carry everything. This messenger bag is perfect because not only can it fit a 12 in. laptop and snacks for the day. Plus with the multitude of pockets that can all be locked, pickpockets will forever be unable to find your important items.

The back of the messenger bag has a zip up pocket that lays against your hip and I use it regularly while traveling because I find it very convienent.

As I work towards my goal of becoming a travel minimalist I’m happy to share some of the best items I’ve found while adventuring. If you look at the photos closely, you’ll notice I only travel with two pairs of shoes, my converse and chelsea boots.

To me, it’s all about finding items that you love and can work with all styles of travel. I hope that by sharing my two must have items for travel it’ll motivate you to consolidate what you bring along with you on your next trip!

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