8 Reasons Why You Should Travel Right Now

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Since I booked my first major trip to Ireland back in May I’ve been asked many questions about where, how, and why I’m traveling now. The first part is the hardest to explain because plans can change in an instant. The how is simple, as I’m trying to find out who I am as a person without the boundaries of my hometown. As for why I’m traveling during this point in my life, that’s where it becomes difficult. Timing is a relentless force none of us have control over, so if you’re waiting for the perfect moment to come along to finally take that trip, you’ll be waiting a long time. The biggest reason to not travel is the cost. Of course, the best way to cut this down is to travel locally, cut out unnecessary costs (Trading cable for Netflix), and sell what you don’t truly need. Today I want to discuss my 8 reasons for traveling now, and hopefully, they’ll help motivate you to as well.

travel can be cheap

Discount airlines are your friend, they can get you to your destination with little amenities at a low cost. I’ve flown with Norwegian and Wow Air most recently and the fares are cheap! The American dollar is stronger than ever so if you fly over with a cheap $109 fare to Paris and stay in a $30 a day hostel you can keep your cost lower than ever.

travel to educate yourself

I’ve taken classes about famous painters and read about how people live in different countries but without experiencing it, it’s hard to understand. Travel helps you learn about the world, it helps you recognize places on a map you never would have looked at otherwise.

travel to find yourself

Travel, whether alone or with family, shows you what you truly need. It makes you recognize what you love to eat, what weather you enjoy, how you treat others. When traveling through Cork, Ireland I met a lady who was a Buddhist. We decided to spend time together, and she spoke about her religious beliefs and asked of mine. Travel allows us to notice the cultural changes in our world and become better people.

travel gives you an appreciation for home

This is hard to admit since I’ve spent only a couple weeks in the states since booking my plane ticket to Ireland (then Iceland, Spain, and now France), but when you’re abroad and you have to translate a sign to figure out where you’re going or when the grocery store isn’t open on Sunday (and you’ve run out of toilet paper) it makes you miss home. Travel is an amazing thing but as Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home”.

travel introduces you to new people

Traveling is a great way to meet new likeminded people as they’re also traveling! Not only will it allow you to learn about new places to put on your travel list, but you can share travel stories! Everyone is proud of their hometown, so never be scared to strike up a conversation with someone new!

travel will feed your imagination

Whether you’re writing a book, painting, or creating music inspiration is everywhere when you travel. It allows you to have an appreciation for how others live, and then incorporate into your own life.

travel to feed your stomach

Whether you want to learn how to cook the perfect paella or just eat your way around the world, travel is a great way to explore your palette. Anthony Bourdain is an inspiration for my adventurous taste as food is forever changing. So make sure to try the local food wherever you go because you only get the opportunity once.

 travel so you don’t have regrets

I’ve had a bucket list for as long as I can remember. It’s filled with all the places I want to go before I die, and I plan to check off as many as I can. None of us know what will happen tomorrow, so why not be a little reckless today in the hopes of no regrets?

So why are you still reading? If you’re looking for a reason to travel, this is it. Travel and start discovering the world out there. Bonus reason #9 to start traveling now: You’re reading an article about traveling now, you’re looking for a reason and this is it.

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Until next time,

Colleen Rose


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