To Whoever Comes Next,

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I hope you have kind eyes, and that you have a good relationship with your parents. I hope that you look forward to going home on holidays to see them but want to share those moments with me too. I hope your laugh is loud, and that you laugh often and freely. I hope you enjoy going out for a pint with your friends but also lounging around in pajamas all day. I want to know what books you read repeatedly, and what movies make you cry.

I want to know your birthday and if you celebrate it.  I want to know what your parents do for a living, if you’ve ever listened outside their bedroom door as they argued and if you love your siblings and if you’ve ever fought. I want to know which sibling is your first call when something goes wrong and what you wanted to be when you were young. If you had a dream vacation and if you’ve ever booked the ticket to visit.

I hope to learn about your most embarrassing moment and whether you believe in therapy. I want to know what the hardest thing in life you’ve had to learn and how you’ve overcome the obstacle. Have you ever wanted to shave your head, for no reason at all but to start fresh again? I want to know if you love yourself, and if you don’t, what you’re doing to change that. I want to know if you’ve ever been hurt by the words “we need to talk” and what happened. But I also hope to learn about your favorite holiday and what season you wait for year after year. Do you have a favorite color? How do you feel when you hear the rain?

Are you scared of death and what do you think you’ll see when your time comes? Is God real? I want to know your favorite food, and if you like to cook or if you prefer to order in. I want to know your political views and if you’re a feminist and if you have a favorite flower. Are you a cat or a dog person? Do you think about the person behind the counter at your local gas station, do you wish them a good day?

I want to know your opinion on sneaking in food to the movies, do you like chocolates or sweets? Do you hand out candy on Halloween? Do you ever worry about your impact on the world? Wonder if what you’re doing is enough? I want to know if you ever felt worthless, and how you made it through. When you’re breaking down do you prefer to be hugged or left alone? Do you believe in heaven or hell? Do believe every person is worth saving? Do you believe you’re worth saving?

I want to know about your best day and if you think more are coming. I want to know if you feel the need to protect or if you need protecting. I want to know if you wish you ever had a redo, if you ever wanted that second chance. Would you fight for the environment? I want to know about your biggest mistake and if you want to learn another language. Do you love too easily or hold your heart too close?

What I’m trying to say is, I want to know you. I want to know what you love about yourself and how you view the world. I want to know who you are and hope you want to know me too, wherever you are I hope you’re living your life and becoming the best version of yourself. I want to know you; I want to know who you are.

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One thought on “To Whoever Comes Next,

  1. The hardest thing I have ever learned is that there are somethings you can’t fix. And when you can’t fix it, you have to let it go and turn it over to a higher power and trust it will be ok , and if it isn’t , that you will have the strength to go on. Letting it go is extremely difficult, especially when someone you love is hurting , and you can’t fix it. Maybe “letting it go”isn’t the right phrase. Maybe it’s realizing you can’t fix it and accepting that.

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