How to Start Solo Traveling

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Hey guys, my name’s Amy and that may look a little weird on your screen because you’re used to having Colleen writing these blog posts for you to read. Don’t worry, this post is still about traveling, I promise! I want to share my method that’ll help you build confidence in yourself, giving you time to learn who you are as a person, and really starting to set yourself up for complete independence as a solo traveler.

Okay, so I love what Colleen does and it’s amazing that she can solo travel to foreign countries. But I’m not like that and I feel like most people that are first-time travelers would agree. So, my biggest recommendation would be if you’re too nervous to do something as big as traveling to Spain by yourself TAKE BABY STEPS. Going to a different city, state, or even just out a dinner and movie by yourself is a great step in preparing yourself to travel alone. These are things you’ll have to do when solo traveling, so why not start now? The key is to learn how to be by yourself first before planning a trip for multiple days at a time where the only person you’ll know is yourself.

Start out Small!

Grab a coffee alone, do some work while you’re there, read a book, or just people watch. This way you can build yourself up to for something bigger like going to the movies on your own (you won’t get weird looks). Once you’ve found comfort in both the coffee and movie dates, try going to dinner by yourself. If you’re not ready for that, then keep at it, keep going to those movies alone or an art museum or wherever your little heart desires until you build up the confidence. Every time you spend time with yourself you’re improving your solo travel skills.

Travel with Friends!

There’s nothing wrong with going somewhere with a friend, I encourage it because it’ll probably be ten times better of an experience for most people. My first big trip without my family was in Nashville (which is about eight and a half hours away) with two friends. We were around 19 and all we did was walk around and experience the bright lights, southern accents, and amazing live music. Going as a group of three really brought down costs (especially for broke teenagers) and brought us all out of our shells in a city far from home. This is also a great way to get your parents to warm up to the idea of you traveling, especially if you’re a young girl like me. I’d recommend traveling with at least one other person for your first trip, so you can learn together on booking hotels or hostels, navigating city streets, and dealing with strangers. It’s baby steps, your first trip could be a big group of friends, your next trip maybe with your best friend, your third trip with your dog, and then from there on out you’re a solo traveler!

Plan a Solo Day Trip!

You’ve gotten comfortable with being alone with yourself and you’ve been on trips with friends, now it’s time to plan your first day trip! This can be to somewhere nearby like a neighboring city or it could be to somewhere fun like an amusement park. Let your adventurous nature take control and plan something small that you can experience in a day. This way you’re getting that independence of really being somewhere where there’s a lot of people around you that you don’t know. It’s like taking the training wheels off a bike for the first time, you may fall but you can easily get back up. Here you can use the traveling skills you learn during your trips with your friend if you get lost and you can use the confidence you gained from learning to live by yourself, so you can enjoy the trip. Once you do this, branch out a little bit more, go somewhere a little further away for an overnight trip, then a weekend trip, and eventually get yourself to a point where the time alone isn’t an issue and that fear and nervosa turns into excitement for solo traveling!

Get Solo Traveling!


I hope this little blog post gives you some confidence to become a more well-rounded person. Even if you just get inspired to go out to get a coffee on your own. I hope this gave you more than just tips on how to start solo traveling but gave you some life lessons on how to be happy with who you are as a person and how to gain confidence and the ability to learn a little more about yourself. Good luck and travel on!

Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed my first post here on WatchMeGo please like, comment, and share with your friends! I’m just starting to stumble into travel as I recently graduated from Cleveland State University. I’m very much into that industrial city type of deal and it really shows itself in my travels. During my time in Cleveland, I spent a lot of my time exploring the city and meeting interesting people, eating great food, and learning my “City Face”. Going to a university in the city showed me how much I love what I do (advertising and writing) and that it’s possible for anyone to muster up the courage to solo travel.

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