Outfits from a 30L in Paris

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I can not talk enough about how amazing Paris was. But what I enjoyed most about my time in Paris was getting there for so cheap by skipping the carry on all together and only packing in the Osprey Porter 30L (that fits under your seat as a Personal bag). In a post I made a few weeks ago I talked about packing in a 30L but today I want to show you the outfits I was able to create with less than 20 pieces of clothing. So, if you’re excited to see what I wore in Paris please keep reading!

Shoes make or break an outfit, so when packing for Paris I decided to only bring two pairs of shoes. I wore my brown suede Chelsea boots, which easily slide off when going through TSA and packed my converse as they go with everything. The best advice I can give anyone who wants to travel light is to make sure you can/will walk in every shoe you bring. 

Bringing a shoe just because it’s cute and you “might” need it is a reason to keep it at home so you don’t waste space. If you truly need another shoe you can buy it there. 

I wanted to share this post because I feel that when people hear minimalist wardrobe for travel it means sacrificing style but I wanted to share my style and hope that is inspires others. Most of my clothes are from the thrift store, but I did purchase an RFID scarf for my first solo travel and have used it on every trip since.

It’s a great addition to my travels as I can hide my money away along with anything I can’t fit in my pockets. I hate carrying a purse and this is a solution I love. Plus, when I’m on the airplane it works like a blanket.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on my outfits of Paris and if you did please feel free to like, comment, and share with friends. I want to share as much of my travels as possible and make it known that travel can be affordable!

When packing for any trip it is best to stick to basics that work in multiple ways. With almost every outfit I wore my leather jacket (we were there in late October) and my grey beanie (great for bad hair days and windy weather). 

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