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When I start planning a trip the most difficult task if figuring out where to find information. Whether it’s information on the destination, plane tickets, or accommodation, it is hard to pinpoint advice that works best for me as we all travel differently.

This is great in the digital age because we can specify what kind of adventure we’re trying to go on! So whether you’re a budget solo female traveler like myself, or just looking for a few general pointers on where to look – I have a few sites you need to check out.


I love pinterest, you look up any city and they’ll show you great articles and photos from bloggers like myself that want to help! It’s a growing community and not just for DIY mothers (I remember at one point someone told me that was all it was for, so sorry DIY moms).

The Savvy Backpacker

I love this site as it allows you to search for a specific destination and see the costs of travel. This is great for everyone, not just backpackers so check it out!

Facebook Groups

If you’re not using Facebook groups to connect with other travelers, you’re missing out. I’m in 3 different groups for Female Travelers and they’re always so helpful with questions I have along my travels! Not only that but it helps with the wanderlust feeling when scrolling through your timeline. I love and recommend the GLT (Girls Love Travel) group to any fellow travel ambitious females!


I can’t speak enough about how great skyscanner is for looking up flights. I find they’re one of more accurate sites that connects you to great deals (My Spain trip was only $400 RT)

Scott’s Cheap Flights

This man keeps my email interesting by sending deals of flights near me that I might be interested in. He has a free membership (which I currently have) and a paid, and with that he’ll send you deals of too good to be true flights. I haven’t booked any of his deals but I’ve wanted too…

These are the top 5 I find myself always going back to, but if you have any sites that you think I should check out, let me know in the comments! I’m always happy to learn more!

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