How to Get Through the Airport with Ease

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Airports are a destination for any traveler. It’s a place I dread because of the stressful lines that are unavoidable. So today I want to talk about ways to bring down the stress when visiting the airport. Hopefully some of these tips are new and they can help you on your next adventure!

Check in Online not at the Airport 

You can check in 24 hours earlier than your flight so make sure to set a reminder and have your code ready, so you can check in as soon as possible. This will allow you to skip a step at the airport!

Pro tip: Print out your boarding pass at home OR just use your phone as your ticket with E-Ticket. This will allow you to skip the check-in desk and get right to TSA. Best way to not lose your ticket in your photos is to make it your phone background until you make it on the plane!

Checking a bag?

Make sure to weigh your bag at home so you know what’s packed away, will stay packed away.

Pro tip: Stand in the line closest to the priority checking desk. Since priority goes faster, I’ve had multiple occasions where they help out the next person from the non-priority line.

Prep your Carry On

Be prepared to go through TSA by packing all your liquids and electronics at an easy access point. Airports are crowded and it’ll be 20x easier with everything prepped beforehand. People will be jealous when you get your gear out and in the container in one swoop.

Dress Down

Since we’re talking about the TSA experience remember to dress down AKA no jewelry, no belt, and no coins. The TSA are not easily impressed by shiny items so instead pack these items in a separate bag and put them on after you get through TSA. Put them in a separate bag so they can be taken out with your liquids if necessary.

Pro tip: Wear shoes you can slide on and off! This will make it easier just in case you need to rush to your gate after making it through TSA.

Now is the time to take advantage of that reusable water bottle you bought that one time but never touched since. With everything in the terminals being over priced packing an empty water bottle will save you more money then you can imagine. 

Hopefully, you’ve found these tips for your next trip to the airport helpful! Make sure to like, follow, and share with your travel buddies! Thank you for reading and if you want to learn more about travel and minimalism, make sure to check out a few of my other posts!

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