Holiday Self Care

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Self-Care is one of the most important practices and one that is easy to neglect. I know around the holidays, I find myself starting to stress about family, friends, gifts, and what winter activities I “need” to do. As someone with PTSD sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to balance so many parts of life and trying to make it into hallmark perfection.

This is a beautiful time of year so let’s talk about a few self-care methods you can incorporate into your holiday!

Reminder: Take it slow, all your holiday errands don’t need to be accomplished in one day. I find that when I think of snow it makes me want to slow down and remember this time of year is a marathon – not a sprint. Christmas/Hanukah/whatever holiday you celebrate is the end of the race!


Are you a fan of sitting next to a fire with cup of hot cocoa looking at the snow or spending the day at the slopes? Or do you love baking cookies? Whatever it is, write it down! Remind yourself what you find to be the best parts of the holiday and incorporate them into your plans.

Maybe your friends are going out to ski, but you don’t have to go if it isn’t something you enjoy. Do what you love and expressing that to your friends will only make your friends respect you.


One of the best parts of the holiday is the abundance of fluffy and soft blankets, socks, gloves, slippers, you name it – it exists. Nothing is better than being comfortable. So layer up and enjoy the extra comfort!


If you don’t journal already, I recommend starting. It’s a great way to just get out everything on your mind and the best part is, you can write whatever you want. I’ve been journaling since I was little and when I read my old entries, I find it surprising that I wrote certain things.


The holidays are a great time to catch up with old friends and make new ones. So, try getting together with your best friends for a movie night! Make it a onesie and wine night and I’ll be there!


I know everyone loves to talk about ‘spring cleaning’ but a great idea I love is ‘winter cleaning’. With the season changing, and because I’m in the process of creating a capsule wardrobe, it’s a great time to donate any gently loved items. Those books you loved but no longer read could make a great gift at a thrift store! Letting go of all the excess items in your life can feel like a weight off your shoulder

Most Importantly…

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed. Not just with family and friends but it’s time for you to reflect on the year you’ve had. Remember to take care of yourself and treat yourself. Try yoga, sleep in a little later, bake your favorite cookies. You deserve to feel the love, and those you love do too. Take care of yourself this holiday season!

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