Zero Waste Holiday Gift Ideas

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The holiday season is coming and with Black Friday around the corner I wanted to talk about some zero waste options for yourself and those you love. These are great gifts for the minimalists in your life as the best gifts are the ones you can use for years to come and think fondly of the person who gave it to you.

Something that recently hit close to home was when my stepmom told me about the special ice cream bowls she had with her brother, and that now that he has passed, she felt part of her brother was with this bowl. I like the sentimental value these simple items so this holiday season I’m going to share some zero waste friendly gifts.


This is easily one of the best and easiest as everyone loves getting goodies around the holidays. Better yet, spend a day with your loved one and bake together!

2017 baking with my Dad


I know gift cards can be seen as unoriginal, but I personally love them because it allows for the person given the gift card to pick out their favorite items! Whether it’s for a grocery store, amazon, or a salon – they’ll love it.

Try purchasing from Costco, Sam’s Club, or Amazon for discounts on gift cards! I know discount gift card websites exist but I can’t vouch for any as I’ve never tried any of the sites.


Homemade gifts are amazing in the fact that it shows you put thought into the gift. Are you great a knitting or always wanted to learn? Now is the time! If you’re not into knitting, maybe it’s creating a storybook of photos or creating lip balm or a nice sugar scrub. They’re thoughtful presents with a purpose that your loved ones will cherish!


Do they love the Goo Goo Dolls? Do they love going to the movies? If they do, why not get them tickets! It shows that you notice the activities you love, and they’ll enjoy the thought.


If you love reusable but your loved ones are still getting into the routine of reusable items, why not share with them some of your favorites? Whether it’s a reusable coffee mug, a bamboo toothbrush, or just a cute reusable bag, they’ll love the sentiment!


I know cash is one of those things no one wants to give but cash is a great gift! Cash is a great way of showing someone that you love them and care about them as it can be used for anything from bills to travel to food. No one is ever upset that they were given a $20 bill.

I hope you enjoyed my zero waste holiday gift list! If you did please make sure to share, comment, and like. Remember as Black Friday approaches that the holiday is more then just gift giving, it’s about being with family (and I highly doubt they care about gifts). So, enjoy the time with your family and don’t stress about what to get them!

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