Free Printable Packing List

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This free printable packing list is a great way to help youstay organized and pack smart for your next adventure! After my post about packing in a 30L I was debating on whether to create a printable packing listwith my recommendations on what to pack or to keep it blank but decided sinceall of us have different priorities when packing that a blank print out wouldbe best.

If you are interested in what I packed in my 30L Osprey (which I used as a personal bag) then go check out that post!

I hope you found this post hopeful whether you’re traveling to Paris for 2 weeks or hiking through Peru! I really wanted to make this an inclusive packing list and enjoyed creating this so if you do like this kind of post please make sure to hit the like, comment (and share what vacation you’ll be using this for!) and follow if you aren’t already!

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