Broke Girl’s Guide to Long Haul Flights

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I define long-haul flights as any flight longer than 3 hours. After that 3 hour point, my legs are numb, I’m asleep, or trying to concentrate on anything besides the fact that the guy in front of me pushed his seat so far back that I can’t even put my laptop on the little table they give you in economy. This is the broke girl’s guide to long-haul flights because I won’t give an airline another $50 just so I can have another 2 inches of legroom. Luckily, I’m short though, so maybe if you’re 6 foot it’d be worth it.

Therefore, I’m going to be talking about all the ways you can make your economy class seat feel like first class.


This is going to sound ridiculous to some, but if you have the option to pick your seat and you know you’re going to need to use the bathroom every hour or need to stretch your legs regularly, get the aisle.

If you need to rest both of your arms, get the middle seat.

If you rarely need to move out of your seat or need to rest your head against something, pick the window.

Economy seating can be uncomfortable so please pick your seat by what kind of person you are. I still remember the guy who had the window seat on my flight from Dublin to Reykjavik who had me get up 6 times so he could use the restroom. It was a near empty flight, and by that point, I just wanted to sleep. We were the only two in that row, and after the 3rd time of getting up, I asked if he wanted to switch seats, to which he said no. I’m aware that is his decision, but please think of the people around you when choosing your seat.


Whether you decide to bring a laptop, tablet, or just your phone, download your favorite tunes, a few podcasts, and a few movies. This way in case you can’t sleep you can relax to your favorites instead of searching for movies on their tv or staring around in silence.

REMINDER: If your headset needs to connect to Bluetooth to work, don’t bring them. You cannot use Bluetooth while in airplane mode.


I never wear makeup when I fly because my skin has such a weird relationship with being in the air. It dries me out but also causes my face to become an oily mess. My solution? Turn economy class seating into a mini spa.

I’m not talking about anything too insane, but I like bringing on an under-eye mask, lip mask, and spot treatment for my pimples. I care way too much about my skin, so this might seem excessive to some but I use these items regularly when traveling so when I’m on the flight it’s just about making them in an available spot, so I can add in the extra moisture.


Wearing a thick pair of socks can be a game changer for long-haul flights. I find that when my feet are cold, I can never get rid of the cold feeling. Looking into a pair of wool or compression socks can be a lifesaver for long-haul flights.

I never travel without my Travelon Scarf because it folds out to a blanket, and I can use it on my trip with almost every outfit as my wallet as it has an RFID pocket.

I’m one of those people who will not pack anything unnecessary (looking at you neck pillow) so instead, I take my jacket and fold it up for ultimate comfort.


This combination promises luxury while not spending a dime. I hope you’ve enjoyed my recommendations for comfort on a budget. Just remember that it’s not about how you get there but where you’re going.

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