Amazon Purchases for the Smart Backpacker

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As a budget traveler I’m always trying to get the best deal while still having all the amenities. After watching YouTube videos to reading posts I collected a few items for my first trip abroad.

This list is for those wanting to know if cheap items such as the ones I’ve purchased are worth it.

1. Patagonia Black Hole MLC ($119 – 199)

Not only is this bag the maximum legal carry on (hence the name) but its well organized while looking sleek (and water resistant). Would I suggest this to others? Yes. But I highly recommend checking out videos on this bag and others so that you can figure out if it’s the right one for you. THIS is a review on the bag itself, and the guy who made the video was super nice answering one of my questions. While THIS video is by two of my favorite YouTubers explaining different bags.

2. Luggage Locks (4 pack $19.99)

So, the luggage locks I got are off-brand amazon package but they’re amazing. I found it so simple to change the combo. So what else more can I say? They’re cheap.

3. 6 in 1 Travel Accessories Kit ($12.99)

This is the one thing you need to purchase if you’re looking at traveling. It comes with a TSA Accepted Metal Combination Lock, Luggage Scale (batteries included). 100% Silk Eye Mask, 3M Foam Earplugs (2 sets), Clear Passport Cover, and a World Travel Power Adapter. The luggage scale alone costs around $10 so I find this set to be well worth the money.

4. Travel Toiletry Bag Cosmetic Bag($12.99)

I’m planning on staying in hostels for the majority of my trip. With that said, I struggled when I went to Seattle with counter space (and I was the only one there) so I thought this was worth the investment.

5. Travel Towel ($10)

Would I recommend a medium sized towel? No. Don’t make my mistake and get the large towel. It’s quick dry, and not much to say past that. Perfect for any hostel stays or trips to the gym.

6. Packable Rain Coat ($25)

Coats of any kind are heavy so I decided to purchase this off brand raincoat which works perfectly. I tested the coat out and no rain came through.

7. Down Puffer Jacket Coat ($15)

I purchased this before they took it off Amazon, but I’m sure with some searching you can find one too. I didn’t want to spend the $200 for the Patagonia jacket and this one works perfectly.

8. Travel Wallet ($9-19)

Herschel had a wallet on sale that was pocket sized and RFID protected so I decided my clutch size purse could be put aside for the trip.

9. Anti-Theft Purse ($25)

Pickpocketing is something you hear a lot about. My mother got her passport stolen in Italy so with that knowledge I decided to go forward by purchasing a crossbody that is RFID protected, slash proof, and zips on the top. None of my other bags zip so it’s nice to have this one for travel. If this bag isn’t your style, travelon has many good bags!

10. Money stash ($10)

This one is a bra stash for a few small bills that you clip onto your bra. While I haven’t used it, it’ll be that extra security. I’m not one for fanny packs so I like this option.

11. Reusable Water Bottles ($10)

I got a pack of 4 fold-able reusable water bottle because who in the world has space in their bag/pocket/suitcase for extra stuff? For me, this is extra but something I’m trying to make a necessity as a free drink is better than none. These water bottles fold up to smaller than my phone and you can clip it onto anything (yay for convenience).

12. Travel Adapter & Voltage Converter ($34.87)

One of my biggest fears is that I will go abroad, blow out a socket, and ruin my favorite camera. So I picked up this handy power strip converter so I can charge 7 devices at once. I doubt I’ll ever have 7 devices but as someone who is a hostel believer, plugs are one in a million. Having this power strip will be a good way to get everything charged while not taking up extra space.

13. Cord Organizer ($5.99)

The one thing I hate about travel is how disorganized my life becomes. Cords are the #1 item I find in the bottom of my bag, suitcase, pocket, purse, basically anywhere but where I need them. This cord organizer is cheap and keeps everything exactly where I want it to be. Grab it so you never have to lose a charger again.

These are all items I would purchase again because I truly feel they changed how I pack my bags and travel. I hope you’ve found these tips useful and travel safe! Make sure to follow, like, and comment! I love hearing how these tips worked out for you!

Till Next Time!

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