The Return of Acne after Accutane: Updated Skincare & What Happened!

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I have oily acne-prone skin and the minute I thought I had made it out of the tunnel of acne, Covid-19 happened and my face decided wearing a mask for 16 hours a day would be a good reason to restart my acne.

First off, this is my journey and I’m not looking for the advice of anyone but my dermatologist. All advice is what currently works for me and my skin. I’m hoping that by sharing my struggles with mask-related acne I can help others have a better understanding of their own skin. I love having a dermatologist and recommend anyone who is struggling with major skin issues to reach out to a derm!

Back History

A few years back my skin was at its peak, and my dermatologist and I decided that Accutane would be the best. This decision was made after over a decade of topicals, oral medications, and trying everything under the sun. If you’d like to read about that journey, I have my 1st month post here and a 2-5 month review here.

But to get to it, my skin cleared up! I would have the occasional pimple but nothing unmanageable as it was before. It was great! I felt as though Accutane was my savior up until March when face masks became a daily necessity. I’m a flight attendant, which requires me to protect myself and others by wearing a mask 8-14 hours a day.

I reached out to my dermatologist who started me on Spironolactone along with a topical of Tretinoin. This is what my dermatologist thought would be best for my skin and I’ve been following this advice for a few months now, I’ve also updated my daily skincare routine.

My New Skincare Routine


Face Wash:

Noble Formula 2% Pyrithione Zinc (ZnP) Original Emu Bar Soap, 3.25 oz ($12.99)

This is my face wash I use day and night as zinc has antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties that can help treat acne. Studies have shown Zinc can lessen redness, control oil production, and so much more. I also find it to be rather affordable, with the brand I recommend at $12. It’s a great morning wash and at night after an oil cleanse.

Oil Cleanse:

MEOW MEOW TWEET – Lemon Rose Cleansing Oil ($25)

This cleansing oil is made of a blend of lightweight coconut oil, purifying hazelnut oil and soothing jojoba oil. It’s a great way to cleanse your face of all makeup without stripping the skin of moisture. I love it as it comes in beautiful glass packaging and is sustainable for the environment!

Now the site to purchase this on is PackageFreeShop and I LOVE this store. They have locations in NYC but they will send their products to you in sustainable packaging that can make you feel all the better about your purchase!

With this link you get $10 off your first purchase, while also helping out me the blogger 😊


La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer, Oil-Free Face Cream with Niacinamide ($20)

I’ve had this moisturizer for a few months and love how lightweight it feels and the fact it has niacinamide in it. I find it to be very balancing for my skin and I never feel that my skin is drowning in moisturizer. While I do love it and will continue to use it until I finish the bottle, my dermatologist recently recommended CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM for both day and night use and will be making the switch. But for normal to dry skin I do recommend the La Roche-Posy moisturizer!


Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen Tinted Face Mineral Lotion SPF 50 ($14)

I apply this sunscreen every morning after my moisturizer. I love this sunscreen because it’s a very thick consistency, and since it’s zinc I find it doesn’t make me breakout while also protect my skin. Best part? It’s affordable and doesn’t smell like sunscreen at 50 SPF.

Spot Treatment:

Pimple Patch Hydrocolloid Bandages with Tea Tree Oil (120ct for $9)

I wear these on any and all of my annoying pimples every night. The hydrocolloid in the patch absorbs puss from your pimple to form a barrier while the tea tree oil acts as spot treatment boasting antimicrobial properties. I’m a fan of the hydrocolloid with tea tree as it’s a two in one for me where as some people find better results with COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch which is only hydrocolloid. Either way, these are a great spot treatment and protect your pimples while they heal overnight.


Organic Spearmint Tea ($15)

I know this is a weird one but hear me out, spearmint tea is full of acne-killing ingredients. These compounds are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. Spearmint tea is particularly effective against hormonal acne because it reduces your androgen levels. This hormone can cause serious breakouts for women when your levels are too elevated. So, spearmint tea helps balance out your hormones while killing off acne related bacteria. To see results it’s said to drink 2 glasses a day.

I recommend this brand of Spearmint tea as you can get 100 bags for $15 (making each tea 15 cents), the tea bags are compostable, and it’s organic!



My skin is and never will be perfect. I’m trying to do what I see is best for my skin as I know it affects how I view myself and at the end of the day I want to be happy with my skin. I’ve tried a lot to make my skin happy and learned a ton about self-care along the way so this post is me sharing the knowledge I’ve learned in my skincare journey.

Accutane was not the cure all to my acne as much as my younger self thought it was and that’s why I plan to continue to slowly incorporate new parts to my routine. With the current pandemic, I’ve decided it would be best to simplify my routine of serums, toners, essence, and all other beauty favorites as I don’t know what could cause a flare up.

I’m sharing because these are facts I wish I knew about skincare years earlier as I probably wouldn’t have used makeup wipes or stripped my skin of all moisture if I knew that would only irritate and cause more issues with my skin.

Please remember to wear a mask during this pandemic and to replace it whenever it is damp and to wear a new one every day.

I hope that sharing my skincare journey can help you learn how to take care of yours!

Stay beautiful,




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