Accutane Update: Months 2-5 & Why I Never Finished

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I haven’t been writing, at least not for my website but with good reason. My health became my main focus and I lost myself to the fear of what might happen. I never found out what truly caused my health issues but during that time I quit my job with a non-profit and stopped Accutane one month earlier than originally planned. But after talking to my dermatologist and neurologist, we decided it was best until the source of my health issues had been figured out.

Today I’m going to talk about Accutane and bring closure to the journey I went on. If you haven’t already read my previous post Accutane Journey Skincare Routine & Month 1, then I do recommend you go check it out! In that post, I go over why I went on Accutane and what it was like starting. This is not a drug that I would recommend to anyone as I’m still not 100% sure what caused the flare-up in my health issues but I can say that my issues were not because of Accutane, so I do HIGHLY recommend talking to your dermatologist before making any decisions.


Before it can get Better… Progress

Now that I’ve seen how my skin has changed, it’s easier to post some of my worst moments but over the course of 5 months, my skin was challenged.

I never fully noticed how much much of a difference there was in my skin until I looked back at these photos. Towards the end, I didn’t take as many photos of how my skin was progressing but I did learn a lot about not letting my acne take over my life.


The Second month was a lot more of a purge phase then I wanted it to be and the way my skin was acting put me into a bit of a depression. Keeping your mental health in check while on Accutane is something I highly recommend. I didn’t want to go out all the time when I was in month 2 and 3 because my breakouts were embarrassing. I hated looking at my face, but I continued to take care of my skin because I wanted this to work.

Around month 4 was when I began to notice a difference, the purge phase came to an end and I had the occasional breakout but not as often. My main concern was the sensitivity. My pimples were opening when I washed my face and I began to notice the scarring.

I’m in love with the Foreo Luna Mini 2 and have been using it since 2014, but while on Accutane I found it best to wash my face with my hands. Since being off of Accutane I have gone back to using the Foreo because my skin has become oily again.

I continued to have an increase of dryness but combated it with Aquaphor, Pixi Hydrating Mist, and the lip mask listed in my previous post.

Another side effect I had was intense eczema rashes on my hands:

It only happened on my hands and I have no idea why but I just asked my dermatologist for a cream and it helped calm down the pain. The rash made my hands hot, burn, and it felt as though I had dunked them into boiling hot water.

In conclusion;

The dryness stuck throughout my 5-month course of Accutane, the back pain went away after month 1, and around month 2-3 I started getting rashes on my hands.

Would I do it again? Yes. But there are things I would do differently like I wouldn’t drink. On Accutane, you can’t drink alcohol as you usually can, and I didn’t but I still would have a drink when out with friends. Looking back now, I don’t know if the drinking caused my neurology to flare up. There are so many things I’m uncertain of but I love my skin now.

I felt myself coming out of my shell with Accutane. I no longer worried about my skin when I went out. Now with my job, I no longer concern myself with wearing makeup unless I want to because makeup is now something I enjoy instead of using it to hide my flaws.

It’s a serious commitment, and the research that goes into deciding on whether Accutane is good for you is crucial. You not only need a dermatologist you know you can trust but you need to know yourself going in and hold yourself accountable.

I hope that sharing my experience can help others decide if Accutane is right for them. There are many options out there for those who suffer from acne, so please explore them before deciding that Accutane is your only option. Your dermatologist should be your best friend when it comes to talking about your skin. Let them know what products you use. Bring them into the office when you have a consult.

When I first discussed Accutane with my dermatologist I brought in all the products I was using on a daily/weekly basis to see if there was anything I was doing wrong. I wanted to know if my skin issues were from my genetics or something I could fix through a change in a product. I tried multiple prescription medications and all failed against my acne before Accutane.

I’m happy with my skin now and what it has done for me, I hope that you can find happiness in your skin as well. Even though I never finished Accutane and I do still get the occasional pimple, I wouldn’t change a thing. I love my skin.

Until Next Time,


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